1.1 The Very Beginning of the Universe

1.2 Alchemy and Alchemists

1.3 The Very Beginning of the Beginning of Modern Chemistry

1.4 Daltons Atomic Theory: Emergence of ModernChemistry 

1.5 Periodic Table of Elements

1.6 Quantum Chemistry and the Nature of theChemical Bond

1.7 The Emergence of Life

1.8 Modern Biology is All Chemistry

1.9 Molecular Building Blocks of a Cell

1.10 Central Dogma of Molecular Biology

   1.11 Applications of Molecular Biology

1.12 Genomics, Proteomics, and Bioinformatics

1.13 Enzymes as Perfect Catalysts

1.14 Can We Learn from Biology to Develop MoreEfficient

         Chemical Catalysts forChemicalManufacturing?

1.15 Greener Chemistry

1.16 Future of Chemistry