Dr Erika Godor

Erika Godor is a junior doctor in Laboratory Medicine in Sopron, situated in the western part of Hungary. She graduated from Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary in 2015. She is particularly interested in Microbiology. She worked as an undergraduate Microbiology teaching assistant for in the Hungarian and English language program during her medical studies.


As an undergraduate student, she joined thecardiovascular twin study led by Hungary's leading twin researchers Ádám Tárnoki MD and Dávid Tárnoki MD in 2013. They presented their research work at a number of peer-reviewed journals. Erika has a twin sister, Dorottya, who is also a doctor. Erika is particularly keen on learning foreign languages. She is fluent English and French, and is currently learning German.



Dr. Dorottya Godor


Medicine is like drinking from a fire hydrant. You do not have to know everything but if you feel for your patients, then you will also be motivated to take good care of sick people, no matter if you have to knuckle down and learn or ask for help from someone more experienced. Every patient is a new experience. This human touch is what makes caring for sick people so rewarding.

I find the unknown fearsome and challenging. I believe that facing the unknown and believing in love and warmth will help us live a fulfilling life. Thanks to a scholarship, I was lucky to participate in clinical clerkships in Dermatology and Pulmonary Medicine at the University of California Davis School of Medicine in Sacramento. This experience, along with clerkships in Neurology and Psychiatry at the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary Scotland were transformative. I graduated from Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary in 2016. I shared the journey to become a doctor with my identical twin, Erika, who is also a physician. As a junior doctor in London, I aim to become a ’skinternist’ by training in Internal Medicine and Dermatology. I am an avid runner and keen on modern art and literature.



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