Leaders in Research Institutes



After Independence, Centeral Industry Research Institute, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) and Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) were established one by one. After these initial steps, many national institutes were established according to specialties. Through these development the fields of activities of scientists and engineers  were greatly expanded.  Many scientists and engineers joined the institutes and they contribute greatly to the progress of Korean chemical research and industry fields.


Dr. Yung-Bog Chae majoring organic chemistry emphasized fine chemicals and medicinal chemistry and paved the way. He served as the president of KRICT and Ministry of Science and Technology in 2002-2003. he was the president of Korean Chemical Society in 2002-2003.  more ...


Dr. Un Yong Kim majoring in polymer chemistry served as the president of KIST during 1993-1996. more ...


Dr. Chung Yup Kim,  KIST


Dr. Young Ok Ahn  KIST, of Arch Chemicals


Dr. Kwang Ung Kim (1944-2010)


Dr. Chul Rim Choe, KIST


Dr. Suh-Bong Rhee, KRICT


Dr. Choong Sup Kim, KRICT


Dr. Hun Seung Oh, KRICT


Dr. Chong-Hong Pyun is an analytical chemist. Dr. Pyun's research interests are spectroscopic electrochemistry, fluorescent materials, and computerization of chemical experiments. more ...


Dr. Kil Young Choi, KRICT


Dr. Kwang-Duk Ahn, KIST



Dr. Dae Won Moon

Dr. No Sang Park

Dr. Hai Bang Lee

Dr. Jae Do Lee

Dr. Hun Young So

Dr. Kwang Woo Lee

Dr. Won-Ho Kim