Woman Chemists and Chemical Engineers



      The number of women chemists and chemical engineers is increasing. They are very active, creative and productive. They may lead chemical community soon just like Korean lady golfers at LPGA. Some leaders of woman chemists are listed:


Dr. Sea-wha Oh was the first woman researcher at KRICT and organized Association of Korean Woman Scientists and Engineers (KWSE) and served 1st and 2nd President of KWSE between 1993-1999. more...


She joined KRICR retir


Prof. Jongsook Baek-Sung


Prof. V. Narry Kim of SNU is studying RNA-mediated regulation.


Dr. Myung Ja Kim, was a chemistry professor of Sookmyung Womens Univ. served as Ministry of Environments.


Prof. Myung Hyun Paik got her Ph. D. from Univ of Chicago in 1976. Emeritus professor SNU in leading inorganic chemistry field.


Prof. Soonja Choe is a polymer chemist. She got a Ph.D. from Univ. of Southern

California. She is current the President of Inha University.



Dr. Inhee Choi, Institute Pasteur Korea

Prof. Neri Geum, Dankook Univ.

Prof. Jung Min Joo, Pusan National Univ.

Prof. Young Mee Jung, Gangwon National Univ.

Prof. Jeong Sook Ha, Korea Univ.

Prof. Yunkyoung Ha, Hongik Univ.

Prof. Eunkyoung Kim, Yonsei Univ.

Dr. Jinsoo Kim, KRICT

Prof. Jung Hee Kim, Sunmoon Univ.

Prof. Hye Jin Lee, Kyungbouk National Univ.

Prof. Hyosun Lee, Kyungbuk National Univ.

Prof. Yunghee Oh, Dongeui Univ.

Prof, Jongok Won, Sejong Univ.

Prof. Sung Yun Yang, Choongnam National Univ.

Dr. Hyung Mi Lim