Chemistry: Our Past, Present, and Future









Part I: Chemistry Inherited from the Universe

            Chapter 1. Chemistry in the Universe, Our Body, and Our Life

                              by Sunney I.Chan and Andrew P. Yeh

            Chapter 2.Chemistry in Human History 

                              by Mary Virginia Orna

            Chapter 3. Did Chemistry Change the World? 

                              by Attila E. Pavlath


Part II: Contributions of Chemistry

             Chapter 4. Agriculture

   by Livia Simon Sarkadi

  Chapter 5. Food: Supply and Health 

   by Livia Simon Sarkadi

  Chapter 6. Energy

   by James Wei

  Chapter 7. Medication: Diagnosis 

   by Veronica Németh

  Chapter 8. Medication: Curing

   by Erika Godor and Dorottya Godor

  Chapter 9. Regenerative Medicine: Repairing Body

   by Young Ha Kim

  Chapter 10. Transportation 

   by James Wei

  Chapter 11. Communication and Entertainment 

   by Attila E. Pavlath


Part III: Chemistry and Activities

  Chapter 12. Problems and Solutions: Activities of Chemists and

   Educators for the Public

    by Attila E. Pavlath

  Chapter 13. What Can Chemistry Do for the Future?

    by Choon H. Do

  Chapter 14. Chemistry in Africa: Progress and Application

    by Temechegn Engida




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